The Vulture Chart

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  1. You make good points, Jennifer. People do need to do their own research, but unfortunately these issues are complex and few have the time or inclination to do so. That makes it easy for corporations and billionaires to spend big bucks to influence voters. Absolutely essential to saving our democracy is getting money out of politics. But that’s much easier said than done.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Ok, the outsourcing issue has actually come from both sides of the line…with the worst of it happening during the Regan administration started by CHENEY, with his outsourcing of military projects to private contractors, like Black Water, for example. During the Clinton administration, subsidies where given to company’s that outsourced jobs overseas…so it has happened on both ends of the spectrum…however, much of it was proposed by Cheney, and Gingrich. A lot of people blame Bush for a lot of outsourcing as well, but, what most ppl don’t realize is that Bush was little more than a puppet and Cheney was pulling the strings. We need to remember that a presidency is larger than the president himself, but includes the ppl surrounding him. Also, the presidency is only as good as the Congress that makes the laws. If the congress is as broken as the one we currently have then NOTHING will get done, and of course the sitting president takes the blame…thus the reason I would never want to have that job. I also agree with the previous poster, DO NOT follow Rucsh and Fox news opinions. Read bills, records, etc…do your own research. It can be very enlightening. The real problem today is that people follow party lines and the talking heads on the screen and most do not research for themselves.

    • Well, being from the right of right politically speaking, I will address your assumption that Congress is doing nothing. Congress has valiantly fought this president preventing him from destroying our constitution, economy, and our American value systems. I cheer for them each time they put stumbling blocks in Obama’s path preventing him from pushing through more of his agenda to destroy our precious democracy. This president does not play by any rules but his own with secret meetings pushing through an unpopular health care bill, using public services (IRS) to target his opponents in an election year, pulling out of a war zone before the job is completed. Barack Obama is the worse crisis this country faces and our US Congress is working tirelessly to prevent him from dismantling our US Constitution. They have had their hands full and I applaud them for the job they have done.

      • Congress has done nothing, Marilynn. And on purpose. Their goal appears to be to make sure nothing good happens, and block anything from Obama that might help this country move forward. They hope that the worse off the country is, the better their chances of winning the next election. That is no way to govern. If they decided to cooperate, conditions in this country might get better. The only benefactors now, thanks to the Republicans in Congress, are the billionaires and big corporations.

  3. Mike Haluska says:

    I always doubt MJ’s data, but let’s assume for argument’s sake it is accurate. What it says is that a very small minority who were already high income earners continued to grow their income, while the vast majority had little growth. Let’s think about how the “99%” earns their income and why it has been flat, rather than stupidly assume that the “1%” stole it from them. Before the Left made it its Mission to destroy manufacturing and energy sectors in the economy and try to turn us into a “Flowery Service Economy” with none of those smokestacks, people made a very good living working as common production labor in these industries. Where does the average Joe go to work now after high school??? WalMart? Starbucks? Kinko’s? You dumb-ass liberals got exactly what you wished for – no industrial base. There are only 3 ways to create wealth in an economy – Make Things, Grow Things, Transport Things – none of which is a legitimate function of goovernment!!!

    • You and I see the world quite differently, as I’m sure you realize. The reason the 1% got so much richer and the 99% hasn’t is because (!) the rich have had their taxes lowered and are getting subsidies and tax benefits as a result of their campaign contributions, (2) free trade gives corporations the ability to find workers cheaper all over the world. The Left would love to have more manufacturing here and decent wages to build a middle class but corporations prefer cheap labor in China and Vietnam, etc. Stop listening to Rush and watching Fox News, and you might find out the real causes of American decline, income inequality and corporate greed. Like the chart, facts are facts.

    • chris says:

      where did you get the idea that it was the left that sent production out of this country?? as to the energy sector–yes the left would like to see some diversity. the right however would like to see your tax dollars subsidizing their profits and no competition.

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