BPR Quote of the Day: Are We Worm Food?

“Is God God? Or is man God? In God do we trust, or in man do we trust?….If man is God than an atheist state is as brutal as the thesis that it rests upon and there is no longer any reason for us to gather here in this place. We should just let anarchy prevail because, after all, we are just worm food. So indeed we have the time to reaffirm that God is God and in God do we trust.”

                                          Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ)                                                                    Nov. 1, 2011 during debate on “In God We Trust” motto.

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4 Responses to BPR Quote of the Day: Are We Worm Food?

  1. douglasfalknor says:

    The next time someone asks why are atheists so strident–so militant? Just hold up the headline–Congress passes the nonbinding (unnecessary) resolution reaffirming “In God we Trust” as the national motto.

    On the face of it, they say the resolution wasn’t divisible, but those who should know say it was. Boehner probably didn’t get my email. He governs me, but evidently doesn’t represent me.

    This action is an outstanding example of what’s wrong with modern day Christianity especially in politics. This is an act of religion. Worse, religion is so confusing to the victim’s mind, and yet it dopes them with neurochemicals to the effect that they feel confident in their action. Perhaps, they feel a tiny nano-rapture.

    This is the kind of thing that goads us to make our rhetoric sound almost as programmed as theirs. This is what makes us crazy.

    Are they crazy? A lot of us think so. Or maybe they’re just deluded? That’s closer. They are undeniably under the effect of religion and guilty of VUI–voting under the influence. Obviously, they need an intervention. A 396 member intervention. Let’s plan one for March. Peaceful though, only First Amendment solutions. None of that stuff that their sacred text recommends they do to us.

    It’s sad that they can’t differentiate God from Country. Nor do they seem capable of admitting they have a problem. (See elsewhere my thesis of how radical God & Country really is in this brand of believer. And believe them when they invoke it, because the people come in a distant third.

    If you go deep enough, though, in the soul of the believer, you’ll find at the final depth, that they’ll throw over Country in favor of God. It’s only at the last, though, when they must stand as Christian soldiers and reveal themselves as being for God over country or people. You may have heard Newt Gingrich describing how his leader of the freeworld couldn’t be trusted if he didn’t pray. That might take you nostalgic folk back to George H.W. Bush’s comment that he made while he was president that he didn’t think atheist were citizens of the U.S.

    Because religion is so intertwined in our genes and there fore in our minds, a majority of people are unable to see these actions as the unAmerican activities that they are.

    It is the invasion of the body snatchers and they are screaming God. If this was an alien presence invading our citizens we wouldn’t let them suffer. But the snatchees have control. How do they rationalize it–with the cry, Christian Nation! Yes, sadly Christianity has had its fist around the heart of the nation since the beginning. True patriots–those who didn’t think someone’s religion should come before our country–struggled to birth the nation in religious freedom.

    If you’re not sure that they are talking only about the Christian God, ask them if you can display the name of every god below “our” motto as they will display it in public schools and public buildings. No, they’ll say, that would be tantamount to prayer in the schools. Oh right. But wait! What’s the difference between a religious affirmation on the school building and a prayer inside? Nothing if we do it right, they’ll whisper.

    It promotes our one religion at the expense of everybody’s beliefs and for that matter, at everybody’s expense–and they buy it because they’ve never been able to break our grip on our government, it’s a tradition, you know, like slavery and has to continue.

  2. so many things wrong with his words, his dumb inane and not at all profound words

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