At Least Some People Are Doing Well

American Hedge Fund Assets = $1.4 Trillion

By Barry Ritholtz – October 11th, 2011


Very interesting data points via Absolute Return:

American hedge funds reported a healthy increase in assets in this year’s first half and now manage a combined $1.399 trillion. That’s $102 billion, or nearly 8%, more than they managed at the beginning of the year, according to the latest Billion Dollar Club, AR Magazine’s survey of American hedge funds managing $1 billion or more.

Bridgewater took the top spot again, followed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Paulson & Co.

Globally, hedge fund assets amount to $2.16 trillion, up slightly from the $1.82 trillion managed at the beginning of the year. Full results are available online at

Q3, there were 241 American hedge fund firms managing assets of $1 billion or more, according to the survey, which appears in the October issue of AR. That’s an increase since January 2011, when there were 225 such funds holding a combined total of $1.297 trillion, according to the survey.

The industry’s growth comes at a time when overall hedge fund performance has been lackluster, indicating that most of the increase is due to new inflows from investors.

Bridgewater Associates emerges as this year’s biggest winner. With $70.3 billion as of July 1, Bridgewater not only remains the largest American hedge fund firm but also notched the biggest gain in assets, adding $11.4 billion — or 19.35% — since January. The rapid growth of Bridgewater’s new Pure Alpha Major Markets Fund, which the firm launched last year as a way to cap its original Pure Alpha fund, accounted for much of these gains.”

article above from The Big Picture

Editor’s notes: Yes, they “plagiarized” my blog name (before I started mine, however 🙂       AUM on the chart stands for “Assets Under Management”

For further enlightenment, take a look at the Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers/The Richest People (John Paulson “earned” $4.9 billion in 2010, more than double his 2009 earnings).

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  1. ana says:

    A hedge fund can make a person very rich, but since a lot of the money invested is put towards development of new products or businesses, it can also tank very, very badly. For a few people, however, hedge funds have been incredibly profitable, hence this list of the richest hedge fund managers…

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