BPR Quote of the Day: Santorum’s Fuzzy Math

“[Obama] passed a huge stimulus package that now we know, over the past two quarters, has actually cost American jobs, and that’s from the report of his own administration,” Santorum asserted. “They claimed in December that by the end of last year that they created 280 million jobs, and now they’re saying that they created only 240 million jobs.”

GOP Presidential candidate and former senator Rick Santorum being interviewed by Ali Velshi on CNN’s American Morning, July 5, 2011

It seems to me that if there are 153 million workers in the entire American labor force, creating 240 million new jobs isn’t bad at all.

Santorum went on to clarify: “In other words, there’s 30 million less jobs as a result of the stimulus package,” Santorum explained (not even close, Senator).

“That’s not a loss of jobs, Senator, that’s a smaller aggregation of jobs,” Velshi noted. “You can’t go on a campaign, a national campaign with this kind of math Senator. It’s just incorrect.”

This presidential wannabe just doesn’t understand big numbers, like millions. I wonder how he would comprehend trillions if he were president.

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