BPR Quote of the Day: “Yes, Massa.”

“I don’t care whatever, if they say Boehner’s racist. I don’t care whatever they say, you do not let this happen. This is intended to not only disrupt the Reagan library debate but to make Obama look bigger than Republicans and bigger plan politics, and they can’t. The Republicans if they have any hope of winning the 2012 election, have got to put this guy in his place using this as their opportunity to do it. No doubt about it.”

Rush Limbaugh   August 31, on his morning radio show. 

By early evening, John Boehner and the Republicans, following their de facto leader’s advice on how to deal with this upstart president, once again “put this guy in his place.”

President Obama, as usual, was accommodating to his friends in the Republican Party, because they didn’t want to miss the gems of wisdom Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and the rest of the GOP contenders might impart during their debate at the Reagan Library  on September 7.

If President Obama has lost the respect of both political parties and the American people, he has only himself to blame.

POSTED IN OPEDNEWS.COM as “Obama Put in His Place Again”  (09/02/2011)
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4 Responses to BPR Quote of the Day: “Yes, Massa.”

  1. Michael Sellars says:

    I agree. STOP THE PRESSES! HE AGREES! I think Boehner should have said, “OK, O … drop on by. We can all watch the debate together and then you can give us your little talk. It’ll be fun.”

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