Bin Laden Death Suspicious?

There is an interesting syndicated column passing through the conspiracy blogs. “Fabricating Evidence Where There Is None,” by Paul Craig Roberts. In his column, Roberts expresses skepticism of the recent New Yorker article by Nicholas Schmidle (“planted…by unidentified sources”) detailing the capture of Osama bin Laden by Navy Seals.

Roberts goes on to describe a Pakistani TV interview with the next door neighbor to bin Laden’s compound. According to Roberts, an English translation of the interview tells us the neighbor, Mr. Bashir,  watched the entire operation from his roof. Mr. Bashir said that of the three helicopters he saw, only one landed. When the helicopter took off after the operation, it exploded, killing all aboard. This is the Pakistani interview (but with no translation):

I would be inclined to dismiss this story, were it not for the fact that the author Paul Craig Roberts was Secretary of Treasury in the Reagan administration and an associate editor for the Wall Street Journal, has written eight books, taught at Stanford and Georgetown, and was awarded the Legion of Honor by French President Francois Mitterrand.  More credentials than your average conspiracy promoter, and worth at least listening to, wouldn’t you think?

You can bet the American corporate media will be jumping all over this. Right?

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2 Responses to Bin Laden Death Suspicious?

  1. Lincoln says:

    Hello Arlen,
    Did you see the pictures of the blown up Helicopter, it was no Blackhawk.
    One account I read said it was damaged and ditched, well these pictures show it was completely blown up and the tail section is about the only section left, doubtful anyone survived this. One problem, there is no way a team of Seals along with bin Laden entered this helicopter because a Comanche has no place to carry passengers. ????

    • Damned if I can figure out what is real and what isn’t (stories and photos). What disturbs me most is how quickly and surreptitously they got rid of bin Laden’s body. That set off all kinds of alarms for me.

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