The Big Lies

1.  Americans are overtaxed.

2.  The American economy can be fixed by cutting spending.

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10 Responses to The Big Lies

  1. You’ve said that many times, Jeffrey, and I have responded back many times that I have no problem with wealthy people paying a larger marginal rate. They’ll still be extremely rich.

    • Arlen Grossman, insofar as I know, I had not disputed that claim. Who do you think can manage your money better-you or a Washington bureaucrat? Since our tax dollars are used for illegitimate purposes in many respects, why are many politicians not held accountable? As long as people who are poor are exempt from taxation on their income under a flat tax, if you are middle income or wealthy, everyone should pay the same tax rate. Here it is: A flat tax of 15%. Gut all unnecessary departments and take that savings and give that money back to the people. Everyone would benefit, however, the poor and low income families would reap the most benefit.

      • I’m more inclined than you to invest in services for the people. Health care, education, the environment, addictions etc. need attention. Sure, some of it may be poorly administered, but we can’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. There is a reason we have government, to improve the lives of its citizens. Just accumulating money is not enough.

        • Arlen Grossman, as I said, I believe both points you mention are false. Cutting spending will help, however, that is only part of the solution. We also need to do away with some of the unnecessary federal departments that presently exist. To clarify as to what I mean regarding Americans being overtaxed, that should not be construed to mean that I support tax rates being progressive.

  2. Arlen Grossman, I would argue that the middle class (to borrow a Marxist term) should be taxed less than the wealthy. However, I am opposed to progressive taxation because I believe that money is managed better by the private sector and the people, not the government. On point number 2, the statement is too simplistic. Spending cuts will help, however, we need to have a limit on politicians’ pay until they are actually accountable to we, the people.

    • Good luck with #2, Jeffrey. That’ll never happen. But when it comes to taxes, it’s all about who gets them. My emphasis would be on social programs. I’m sure you feel differently. I believe government is the only countervailing force against those oligarchs who have no self-control and unlimited greed.

  3. Both statements are false.

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