Fascist America?

I am concerned, and worried. Hell, I’m scared. The political scene is this country is as bad as I’ve ever seen it, and rapidly getting worse. The Republican Party is obstructing everything that President Obama and the Democrats want to accomplish. The GOP has decided the more this country suffers, the better their chances of winning the 2012 elections. If they succeed this way, and win the presidency and both houses of Congress, then my nightmares of a fascist America may come to pass.

 Too big a leap? Consider this: the Republican Party has been taken over by extremist right-wing ideologues.  What would have been considered tinfoil hat crazy ten or twenty years ago is now mainstream Republicanism. The GOP brand promotes big business and militarism, and distrusts minorities and secular culture. Fascism believes in private business, militarism, and persecution of minorities. In historical terms, fascism differs slightly from country to country, and it would be stretching it to say the Republican ideology represents full-blown fascism. But frankly, it’s damn close enough to worry me.

A Republican president would tip an already conservative Supreme Court into a harder right ally of the Republican belief in decisions favoring corporate power,  police power, authoritarian rule, and conservative social issues. Goodbye abortion, labor unions, and civil liberties. Hello executive power, laissez-faire capitalism, unfettered gun rights, and church power. Farewell U.S. Constitution, at least as we’ve known it.

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