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Excuse Me…….

Two politicians who apparently represent different planets……

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Nobody Who Works Should Be Living in Poverty

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Freedom of Corporate Choice

Today, A Federal Appeals Court Killed Free Speech on the Internet The Internet will now be controlled by a handful of companies. By Ben Collins/ Esquire/ January 14, 2014 Today, a federal appeals court handed over control of free speech on … Continue reading

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Ready to Burst?

Zombie Economy – Living Bubble By Chris Kanthan/ Nation of Change/ December 4, 2013 Imagine the reaction you would get if you walked into an off-the-hook fraternity party and shouted, “Stop this party! There are too many drunk people and … Continue reading

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Iceland’s jailed bankers ‘a model’ for dealing with ‘financial terrorists’ RT/ December 14, 2013 By jailing four top officers of Iceland’s failed Kaupthing Bank, the country showed the world the right way to deal with the people largely responsible for … Continue reading

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One-Sided Battle

WAR ON THE POOR The Shameful Ways the GOP Makes It Bad To Be Poor in 21st-Century America By Sasha Abramsky/Monterey County Weekly/ December 5, 2013 The past year hasn’t been a good one for poor people in America. First, … Continue reading

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Forgotten Words, Forgotten Ideas

BPR Quote of the Day Fireside Chat, April 14, 1938

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Sorry, Folks, Rich People Actually Don’t ‘Create The Jobs’ By Henry Blodget/ Business Insider/ November 29, 2013 As America struggles with high unemployment and record inequality, everyone is offering competing solutions to the problem.  In this war of words (and … Continue reading

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Holiday Spirit-Corporate Style

The Strip/ Brian McFadden/ New York Times

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Pope Francis Strafes Libertarian Economics By Matthew Yglesias/ Slate/ November 26, 2013 Pope Francis’ latest apostolic exhortation covers a number of topics, but really lights into libertarian economics. There’s a lot of stuff about Jesus in his thinking that I can’t really … Continue reading

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